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electric gypsi
James: Aww thank you!!! You are awesome!! Smiley Hugs!! Smiley
Posted on: 08-27-2011
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Diane Parkes
hey James, hows that for speedy eh Cheesy Just signed up for the email list......hope you have a rocking good weekend Smiley
James: Haha! That's awesome! You most definitely rock "SuperDi!!!!" Smiley
Posted on: 08-27-2011
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Macungie, PA
Keep on rockin'! My friends and I often listen to your tunes.
James: So glad to hear that! Thanks for the support, Yvonne!
Posted on: 08-24-2011
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Hey James the new site kick's ass. Can't wait to get my hands on the album. Cheers. Toast
James: Thanks brother... working my butt off now.
Posted on: 08-23-2011
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George Longhurst
Fantastic website and songs James! Super
James: Thanks George! And thanks again for doing that YouTube video. That was too cool. Here it is for anybody who hasn't seen it:
Posted on: 08-03-2011
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Thanks again , and nice to become a friend on your page , wish you all the best Smiley Camilla !
James: Thank you Camilla!
Posted on: 07-17-2011
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Heather Heindel
Love your new website!!!! Wish I'd taken your pics, haha. Cheesy
James: I wish you had too... I know they'd have looked really great! Smiley
Posted on: 05-20-2011
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Hiya James,

As always, you rock!

p.s so does your site ha! Super
Posted on: 05-12-2011
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John Paul Allen
Springfield, TN
Extremely nice job.
Posted on: 05-08-2011
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Smiley Loved it !!
Posted on: 05-03-2011
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Gretchen R
Brockport, NY
Love your websites new look. Keep rockin.
Super Super Cool
Posted on: 05-01-2011
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Sophie Carbonneau
Saint-Jean-sur-R ichelieu Qc. CA
Hey Hey Rockin' James! Your website is fabulous with the new look! Don't ever stop in your incredible music project!
You Always Rock Hard!

Sophie Super
Posted on: 05-01-2011
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Hey James,
Long time no hear, I wish you an your Family all the Best. Keeep Rockin 4Ever !!! Smiley Super Super
Posted on: 05-01-2011
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Milton Keynes
It is always a pleasure to listen to your music and frind out what you have been up to. The site looks good! Love
Posted on: 04-30-2011
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Daniel Jacobson
Monmouth, Il
Brother, that's frickin awesome!! Hey, I gotta a buddy here in town that bought a Dean (don't remember the model #) and love it more than any of his other axes! And I gotta say, that's a pretty Dime ya got in the background of the pic you have up here!!! Remember to try to check out Conesville, Iowa sometime. http://circleofpride
There's the link. Keep bringin' the tunes bra!! And as always, keep the music real!!!! Peace!!
Posted on: 04-29-2011
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Deborah Dalgas Helms
Way to go James! The site is very user friendly! Clap
I really love the ability to share your music on Facebook too! Super
Posted on: 04-29-2011
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Sandi Shaner
Sandi Ego
This site looks really good, James. Lots of great photos and info. Cheesy
James: Thanks Sandi! And thanks for having me as a judge for the SDSG songwriting contest again this year! Smiley
Posted on: 04-27-2011
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joanna mcdonald
tipton iowa
giving your page a work out for easter happy easter james to you and jet keep on rocking
Smileymay you have the best easter ever
Posted on: 04-23-2011
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Jackie Neubauer ~ Music Gypsy.]*
I remember the day when we could use real player on MySpace and download music and I have all of your music you had there tucked away in an older MP3 player that I keep for the bands that I so loved from there! Band that I worked with and I must say they are a treasure! No where can I find music like yours and Frank Ares. ETC... Thank you for inviting me to your site, I really like it, it's very nice. You know how I am about creation of sites. Keep up the great work and you are the best!
Posted on: 04-23-2011
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I REALLY love this site, James!! It's AWESOME!!! Clap If there was anything that I would add to your site, it would be hearing your music playing in the background!!
James: Thanks Tara! It's developing here-- still some areas that need updating and I am keeping on my web consultant about improving this. There are other players that can pop out into a separate window and looking into them. Smiley In the meantime you could just minimize the page with my site on it and open a new browser window perhaps. Smiley
Posted on: 04-18-2011
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