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boise idaho
love the music keep on rockin bud Cheesy
James: Thanks man! Smiley
Posted on: 11-20-2013
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casa grande, az
I could see mehi triune bellydancing to your music. tribal rock fusion. it works for me. thanks, keep the volume up! Cool
James: Well that would be very cool!!! Thanks! I will keep the volume going! Smiley
Posted on: 11-10-2013
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ALWAYS Great tunes James....Keep up the Awesome work
James: Thanks!!
Posted on: 10-07-2013
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cheryl hodges
Oxford Nc.
Just checking in to see how its going.....Hope things are looking up today....Weekends right here,,,,Hope you have some nice plans....TTY .....
James: Hey there...good to hear from you! Doing okay... hope you are too! Smiley
Posted on: 08-29-2013
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Jim Steele
Nice site--I like your music! From one James Steele to another...
James: Thanks man!! Cool name, btw!!! Smiley
Posted on: 07-26-2013
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Jackie ~ Music Gypsy.]*

To the best guitarist I know and a very good friend. Yesterday we went to the Les Paul Museum and had a really great day. That is what my father wanted to do on Father's Day! So cool!

I also went to a guitar dual in Milwaukee, some of the biggest names in Chicago and Milwaukee were there. One man had a Dean V and I told him that I have a great friend that uses Dean too. He said that was awesome as most use Gibson and Fender. I have learned to Love Dean and I thank You!
Music Love!
James: Awww... thanks so much!! Smiley Glad you had a good time on Father's Day!! Smiley
Posted on: 06-17-2013
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James: You're welcome! I have no idea... I've got to finish putting together the band and we'll start with Southern California and the Southwest USA first I'm sure. Smiley
Posted on: 02-22-2013
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Edward Gabrielli Mendoza
James when are you going to perform live? Super
James: Soon I hope. I'm Tracy Tripp (my drummer) and I are going to be busy auditioning bass players soon! Smiley
Posted on: 02-20-2013
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lynn gray
gaylord, mi
hi finally got 2 check ur page & music out i love it keep up the good work Smiley
James: Cool! Thanks so much, Lynn! Smiley
Posted on: 01-23-2013
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Hey James Smiley I am so not well (sick) Sad just wanted to say hi
Posted on: 01-14-2013
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Jackie Neubauer
Hey James!
I'm hoping that your holidays were a special event!
I'm not on FB anymore so I will write you from time to time. I am going to Make a page for the Music Gypsy and start writing again.
This will be after the surgery on my back.
I will write a critique for you as soon as I get going and my back is healed.
It was really great going through your site, I really like it a lot. Keep in touch since I'm not on F.Book anymore. I am just an email away!
Friends Always!
Jackie xo
Posted on: 12-27-2012
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James Farquhar
Happy Christmas Jimmy and a very profitable New Year of 2013...since the world did not end last Friday....rock on bro...
Posted on: 12-25-2012
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sandi harting
galiano island
Merry christmas and happy new year! From Galiano Island, Canada
Posted on: 12-25-2012
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Marti Williams
Vancouver, WA

I love your music!!! Keep Rockin'!! Hope to see you live someday!
Posted on: 12-19-2012
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San Antonio Tx.
Hope you have a holly jolly rocking Christmas in Diego!
James: Haha!! Awesome... I will do my best... you have a great Christmas too! Smiley
Posted on: 12-18-2012
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Berti Bond
San Jose, CA
Thank you for the invite! and thank you for the Birthday too!!
Berti Super
Posted on: 12-16-2012
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Wade Smith
San Diego
Hey James, glad your still rocking! And having fun doing it. Let's get together sometime and make some music with our amps on eleven. Maybe even play past 12. Doing a new metal show in LA with a few rockers from SD that actually made some money from their music. You'll have to come up for one of the shows.
Posted on: 12-01-2012
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Danny Savage
Shasta Lake, California
I personally want to say that you're awesome dude , and that you'll follow your leads where ever your heart desire, keep rockin Super
James: Thanks so much my friend! Smiley
Posted on: 11-10-2012
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James Fiddler
Ozark, MO
Grin This is a story 'bout a man named James Clap A San Diego rocker (and we have the same first names) Smiley Spent 2 years working on his new CD Wink So, I'm here to give him hell and hope he don't unfriend me Sad blocked, that is. No Christmas cards. Smash (Cue banjo) Super
Posted on: 08-29-2012
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Valerie Murphy
London (Canada)
Thanks for the cool video, James Steele style at Eleven!!! All I want for Christmas now is James Cd, be sure to tell Santa!! All the best to a great rocker and Cali friend!!! Wink
Posted on: 08-29-2012
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