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Steve Oswald
Fort Wayne, IN
You are awesome dude! Please hurry and get your CD out.I am sure it will be amazing.
Posted on: 10-21-2006
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Mingo, IA
Your sound is so hot! Keep up the great work and cant wait for your new cd to come out so I can get my hands on
Posted on: 10-21-2006
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Marie Baker
Campbellsville, KY
James...your music is great!I look forward to the release of your new CD
Posted on: 10-16-2006
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Chula Vista, CA
Posted on: 10-16-2006
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hi james the web site ! ur a very talented guy
Posted on: 10-16-2006
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Mineral Wells, TX
What can i say.Your music blows me away!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
Posted on: 10-10-2006
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Sassy Psychadelic
James..your music is awesome! Your voice is really captivating..and I love your guitar playing! keep rockin!
Posted on: 10-09-2006
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Los Angeles, CA
Howdy & I just wanted to thank you for the music you've done! You're wonderful & have a great voice too..I love it!! I wish you all the best in the world & know you have a fan right here...
Posted on: 10-08-2006
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Lodi, CA
u sound really great, know a lot of bands want me to add them as friends but i always check em out first, i was pleasantly surprised by you! you were alot better than a lot of bands i have on my site, i really am looking forward to hearing more from you! shannon
Posted on: 10-08-2006
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Boise, Idaho
Thanks for invitation James. It's great to hear the good stuff going on with your music. Cheryl
Posted on: 10-05-2006
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Like your music you play very good like your sound. Martin
Posted on: 10-04-2006
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Buffalo Center, IA
hey man u rock i have a gutiar just do not know how to play maybe some day i will be has good as u are.... take care man
Posted on: 09-22-2006
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Awesome guitar licks, I'm a new fan!
Posted on: 09-12-2006
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Richard Weed
San Diego, CA
James: Your Music brings inspiration to the writer, and verbiage to the electric soul; dancing strings to the metal, and liquid for 'Rock and Roll.' This is What happens when you sit on a moonlit shore - all alone, stars shining and shooting their way through the skies ablaze; thunder rolling off into the distance, and a Crane close by fly's off with its midnight dinner. Thy toes are in the water surrounded by green luminous fish that kiss and nibble upon thy Lifeforce – scribble ye. It took two flights to get here and jetlag is still alive - A notepad breaks out with a hunger for the right consistency of verbiage... for vast - is the ocean of thoughts declared; ad infinitum knowledge - my notebook prepared. Please enjoy - Florida was a blast; Ye had to leave quickly for a hurricane's coming fast.
Posted on: 09-08-2006
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you are a wikid guitar player i luv your music!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Posted on: 08-27-2006
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Washington, DC
James thanks for all you do for the MOTU music community. You have inadvertently helped hundreds. Your music is amazing. You will probably cringe - but I can’t help it: I heard Robert Plant when I listened to Absolution. RP is my favorite rock vocalist ever.’ Your guitar collection is beautiful
Posted on: 08-22-2006
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Donna Ray
Hi James, Just stopped by to check out your page and say Hi* DR
Posted on: 07-08-2006
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Matthew Sear
London, UK
I love your playing and your compositions. You are extremely talented. Matt
Posted on: 07-07-2006
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Hey James my birthday's on the 26th. So how's it comin' with the shirtsand stuff?
Posted on: 07-05-2006
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Avondale, AZ
Hey there! That V definately works for you my dear. Even greater things will be happening for you. You're the best thing running right now!
Posted on: 06-24-2006
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