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Aiken, S.CA
Hi James, My Friends and I are looking forward to getting your new CD. Beautiful voice! Mary
Posted on: 01-19-2007
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James, you kick butt, keep rockin on my friend!
Posted on: 01-18-2007
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MS Gulf Coast
LOve the new cd, just got it today; hope 07 treats u well.
Posted on: 01-16-2007
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Rebecca De Long
San Diego, CA
Wow! Lovn' it. I want to get the CD when it's out. It's great to still be in touch. All the best to you!! Oh my it's 2007, can you believe?
Posted on: 01-01-2007
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Traveling the southwest and working
Hey, just stopped in to wave.
Posted on: 12-19-2006
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Amy Atkins
Kernersville, NC
Hey James, thanks for the birthday wishes. Love the website and the music. Have a Merry Christmas.
Posted on: 12-19-2006
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Peterborough, Ontario
Good for you James, finally someone has put it all together,,thanks .
Posted on: 12-17-2006
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Hi James! I like your music! You rock! =) bye ^_^ -*AnCiEl*-
Posted on: 12-13-2006
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somewhere in Texas 2nite
Wishing you much success in ur adventure!
Posted on: 12-12-2006
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Hey James, you are awesome! Keep Rocking! Lina
Posted on: 11-18-2006
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Cihan Bingöl
Hey James,I love your music. ROCH ON. Its soooo cool
Posted on: 11-18-2006
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Joey Hudnall
Garrison, TX
Cant wait for the new cd. Thanks for the music bro...
Posted on: 11-17-2006
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Terri Mallett
Elkton, MD
I'm really looking forward to getting your new cd when it becomes available. I click on your myspace profile just to listen to your songs. Do you plan on coming to the East Coast ever?? I would love to sing with you! Hope your having a great week!
Posted on: 11-15-2006
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Debbie Miller
Baldwinsville, NY
Hi James,
"Absolution" is just a beautiful song! I can listen to it over and over. Have had many people make comments about it since I put it on MySpace! You have the soul of Rock 'n' Roll and that Dean...what can I's sounds so sweet!!! kisses
Posted on: 11-14-2006
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St-Jean Quebec Canada
Hey James! I wanted to write a little message on your guestbook. You are an incredible guitarist and you have a wonderful voice for singing! I really love all of your songs. Just keep rocking in your music!!! Sophie
Posted on: 11-07-2006
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Claire Hodgson
Bedordshire, UK
Thanks to myspace-we get to hear about talent like yours! Can't wait for the cd!
Posted on: 11-05-2006
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Redford, MI
Your music is really awesome. And I just wanted to let you know I joined your mailing list. Brenda from myspace aka Brenda(I know i am cute )
Posted on: 10-30-2006
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Brockport, NY
Great tunes, I love the music, can't wait for the CD.
Posted on: 10-28-2006
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San Jose, CA
Hi James Love you and your awsome music. You are such a great friend. Glad we are friends. I can't wait till your cd is done. Thanks for finding me on myspace.
Posted on: 10-25-2006
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You are very good i like your guitar palying and i am pleased to have you on my friends list. keep rocking. Guy
Posted on: 10-25-2006
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