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Will Jensen
Norman, OK
Mr. Steele thanks for the myspace request. I will be looking forward to your album and also tour dates. Thanks again and Metal down bro.
Posted on: 02-20-2007
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Hi James! Thanks for sending me your photo. It only took a very short time to send it to Germany. It's great. I love it! Hope to get your cd soon. I'm missing your music. Take care!
Posted on: 02-19-2007
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James, dude, u rock so hard when I get my band started, ur my #1 Influence!!!!!
Posted on: 02-18-2007
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Lancaster, CA
Posted on: 02-18-2007
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Your music is awsome, I really love it. Keep rocking! You have a devoted fan here. Davina
Posted on: 02-17-2007
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Mesa, AZ
Rock on! Thank you for letting me know about the new song.=D
Posted on: 02-16-2007
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Jamestown, CA
Hey James ... your such a great musician and person. I just wanted to let you know that I value our MySpace friendship and your thoughtfulness. Kitty
Posted on: 02-15-2007
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Terri Mallett
Elkton, MD
Love what I hear so far of the new song!
Posted on: 02-15-2007
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Tracie Geelan
Harrogate UK
Hey James, Happy Valentines Day to you too! The new track is awesome. I really love it. Keep on Rockin'. T x
Posted on: 02-15-2007
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Claudia Marcia
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Hi there!!!!!!!! Your site is rulessssssssss!! It's awesome!!!!!!! A big hug! ^_^
Posted on: 02-14-2007
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West Covina, CA
Hi James, sounding great, look forward to your upcoming cd. keep on rockinSmiley
Posted on: 02-14-2007
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Brunswick, ME
Hi James, Happy Valentines right back at you. I love the new song track and look forward to your new solo cd release. You are amoung my favorite musicians. Rock Hard, Rock Steady! much love Crow
Posted on: 02-14-2007
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hey mr.Steele..i cant get enough of your music everyday it must be played..its all i sing at work and everywhere its insane..i cant wait for a anxious and agitated about it ha..youve been making my day the day you ive requested you on ms.cant get enough and wont get enough till the end..keep your head up i loves yous !!
Posted on: 02-13-2007
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Madeleine (Maddie)
Hi James, Your music is wonderful, I really love it. Your voice is beautiful , you sing and play wonderfully - I hardly can wait to acquire yout CD. Thanks for being a great and talented friend! Maddie from myspace.
Posted on: 02-12-2007
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Well done Mr. Steele! You rock! Shayenna
Posted on: 02-11-2007
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Staten Island, NY
Great music James!, that's the way to do metal... rock on!
Posted on: 02-09-2007
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Aiken, S.CA
Hi James, My Friends and I are looking forward to getting your new CD. Beautiful voice! Mary
Posted on: 01-19-2007
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James, you kick butt, keep rockin on my friend!
Posted on: 01-18-2007
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MS Gulf Coast
LOve the new cd, just got it today; hope 07 treats u well.
Posted on: 01-16-2007
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Rebecca De Long
San Diego, CA
Wow! Lovn' it. I want to get the CD when it's out. It's great to still be in touch. All the best to you!! Oh my it's 2007, can you believe?
Posted on: 01-01-2007
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