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Davenport, FL
Hey James, how's Cali I miss it. Say Hi to billy Great work! Keep on Rockin
Posted on: 04-25-2007
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Selenia Nouger
San Diego, CA
Hey James, I just want to say hello. I will be listening tomorrow at Jeff and Jer. Love............ . Selenia.
Posted on: 04-24-2007
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Hi James Smiley I'm so happy for you...all your songs are amazing! It's your time to shine...
Posted on: 04-24-2007
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August, GA
I remember the first time I heard Klaus Meine singing...yer voice and music transports me back to that glorious day! BIG smiles! I’m not very hip when it comes to downloading music, so I’ll just order yer album the old-fashioned way! Also, I love the ‘Black is Beautiful’ pic...don’t know squat about guitars, but you and yer lovely kitty make them shine! I posted a MySpace bulletin this past Friday which referenced yer URL. And... yer banner has officially been added to the music section of my page! Stay Cool! Carol http://www.myspa d_carol
Posted on: 04-22-2007
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Berti Bond
San Jose, CA
hi james i am listening to (save me). this is awesome guitar music. love it. have a guitar also. have a great day berti
Posted on: 04-19-2007
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Tawnya Lee
St. Joseph, MO
I wanted to stop by and tell you that many warm wishes for much success is coming your way and I have no doubt that you will succeed! Hugs-n-Kisses, Tawnya
Posted on: 04-15-2007
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American hiways in a 18wheeler
I can only say that I look forward to more from you. Thanks for pleasures of your sound.
Posted on: 04-08-2007
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Wishing you love, laughter and light. Your music is awesome!
Posted on: 04-06-2007
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São Paulo - Brazil
Hi, guy !!! Your voice is powerful !!! Congratulations !!! Greetings from Brazil !!! Kisses.
Posted on: 04-02-2007
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Lynn, MA
hi james just joined your email list...can't wait for cd....rock on
Posted on: 03-28-2007
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man,i wish you all the best with the new site and the next album you totally rockkkkk
Posted on: 03-26-2007
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Hey suggrrr ... Just stopped by to check ya out, again. Your the sweetest. (((hugs)))
Posted on: 03-26-2007
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Walhalla, S.C.
Hey James.Just stopping by to check out your page and say hello.Can't wait for the cd. Olan
Posted on: 03-24-2007
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I like your ROCK ! James. Thanks to Barbara.S to give me your link... Great music !!!!Bye from France !
Posted on: 03-21-2007
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Sue Miller/Artist
New Jersey
Hi James, Just stopping by to say hello and tell you what an awesome talent you are. Please keep me posted on all gigs. I will pass your web site along to all my friends. Keep the music coming. My husband is the base player in the Band called The Remains.. they were one of the opening acts on the Beatles very last tour in the US. www.theremains.c om He has so many wonderful stories about the Beatles. Plus my Brother is a singer song writer.."Tom Pacheco" from www.tompacheco.c om Has many many Cd's out. All of my family members are artists or musicians. I will pass your web site to them also. Best wishes and do keep in touch. Sincerely, Sue Miller/FANTASY ARTIST www.suemillerart .com
Posted on: 03-21-2007
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Derby City
Stopping by to say Hi and Keep on ROCKIN'
Posted on: 03-07-2007
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Christina Steele
Marquette Heights
Thanks for sharing your music. It was nice to meet you. Have a great day!
Posted on: 03-04-2007
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San Antonio, TX
Just wanted to stop by and say HI!
Posted on: 03-02-2007
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bellefontaine, ohio
Hey James, Love the track & can't wait for more! Keep up the good work, you're very talented. xoxo Karrie
Posted on: 03-01-2007
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Hey James, Love the track & can't wait for more! Keep up the good work, you're very talented. xoxo Karrie
Posted on: 02-28-2007
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