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Benton, AR
Hey James thanks for the great birthday wish on myspace that was really nice of you!
Posted on: 04-16-2008
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Wilmington, NC
Hey James thanks for inviting me to join your mailing list.. And thanks for the music!
Posted on: 04-16-2008
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Madison, WI
Glad to have you as a friend! I have enjoyed talking to you. Don't forget the pic.
Posted on: 04-05-2008
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Qu├ębec, Canada
Hello sweet James, Tks again for your music. Thank you for existing :-)
Posted on: 04-05-2008
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Tammy (MidnytAngel)
Thanx for the b-day message!
Posted on: 04-05-2008
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the quarter note
beech grove indiana
Today's my b-day. What did i get? Another music store!!! I'll send you some pics of the new store soon.
Posted on: 04-02-2008
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Marion, OH
hey bro thanx for the B-day message just want say keep that shit rocking and god bless
Posted on: 03-21-2008
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Dawn Renee'
Thanks for the birthday wish! That was really sweet of you! Keep making that great music!
Posted on: 03-17-2008
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Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
Posted on: 03-03-2008
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Debbie Nash
Bethpage, TN
James, I just listened to Absolution. Such an intense and powerful song. The music literally takes you in and it holds you. I closed my eyes while listening and the sounds carry your mind to another place with the music. Wow!! I really loved it.
Posted on: 02-19-2008
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Zulmira Leal
Porto - Portugal
Hi James, thank you so much for the birthday wish. Your music is really awesome.I love your voice,you are a wonderful guitarist.Thanks for add to e-mail list. Have a great day. Kisses and hugs, Zu.
Posted on: 02-18-2008
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Tessa Sterling Davis
Knoxville, TN
Just wanted to stop by and leave some Knoxville love in your guestbook! I will be the first in line to get your cd when it becomes available! Keep Rockin! Hugs, Tessa
Posted on: 02-17-2008
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Robin Byerly
Tucson, AZ
Peace, Love, Rockin' Roll forever.
Posted on: 02-15-2008
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Jen aka/crazygirl
Fremont, CA
Hey there James I listen to your tunes alot at insane radio I've been trying to catch up on promos and ads so I don't get out much. I love what I'm hearing your music is awesome!!! Hugsssss
Posted on: 02-14-2008
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You're Awesome! love your music
Posted on: 02-10-2008
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Joanna McDonald
keep on rocking
Posted on: 02-09-2008
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Tanya Payne
near Boston, Mass.
Hey James, ya haVe a sweet sEt-up, dude......loVe the tunes, as wEll.....LsOy, tanYa......yur turn.........
Posted on: 02-04-2008
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Texas, USA
Good Day To Die ROCKS!!!
Posted on: 02-03-2008
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Donna Perrelli
Every time I hear your music james, I really think your voice and guitar playing are amazing Smiley
Posted on: 02-01-2008
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Nashville, TN
Hey James, Great to see you at NAMM. As always thanks for all you do with Unicornation.
Posted on: 01-30-2008
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