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Michelle Ayala
My Space
Thanks again for the invitation James. I am looking forward to listening to some great rock tunes here.
Posted on: 08-30-2008
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Justin Torres
Wichita, KS
hey man just wanted to say i really think your stuff is awsome, keep on rockin!
Posted on: 08-17-2008
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tina lepore
midvale, utah
Just wanted to tell ya thanks on them music you do its great and i give ya the most respect, thanks once again and have a great week!!!
Posted on: 08-17-2008
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I really ejoy your music.... Keep up the great work
Posted on: 07-31-2008
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Baltimore, MD
hey man love your dean collection keep rocking you're awesome
Posted on: 07-24-2008
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DJ Cindy
Just want to say your totally awesome and would love to get some of your music to play on my show you have my email if interested. keep up the fantastic work. station im with is www.paradizeradi i'm know as the queen of rock cindy over there. but your awesome
Posted on: 07-17-2008
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João Pessoa, Brazil
Hello James!! You is Fantastic!! Desire very sucess and good lucky!! Kisses from Brazil *Nii*
Posted on: 07-17-2008
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P.S.L. Florida
I completly found this page by accident and now you are my *NEW* FAVORITE ARTIST can't wait for the cd
Posted on: 07-10-2008
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NW Ohio
Just heard your stuff on insaneradio and thought I'd check your site. I think you got yourself another fan!! Keep rockin'!!
Posted on: 07-07-2008
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Birmingham, England
Hi James. I'm still loving the music. Good luck with finalizing the CD. Will UK fans be able to buy it too?
Posted on: 06-17-2008
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James Steele is my name!!
Victoria Australia
Hey man you can relly bang out some top stuff on those axes!! And i totally agree with yourcomment about those amps and your amazing guitars. Lucky. Just Wow! Cheers
Posted on: 06-16-2008
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Dallas, Texas
Great website! I really like "Good Day To Die!" You are very talented and seem to be very nice too! =) Rock on...
Posted on: 06-08-2008
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Joannie-Dark Angel Promotions
Vernon, Texas
Hello James Thanks for being my new Rockin' Friend, it's always great to see awsome musicians & Wonderful Vocals in this world. We aren't hearing much of it lately in the music business. later, Jo
Posted on: 06-08-2008
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Cindy Bader
Anaheim, CA
Hi James, Love your music and I can't wait for your cd to come out!
Posted on: 06-06-2008
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Fredericksburg, VA
Hi James! Really enjoyed listenin to your music! Thanks for the request and Im lookin forward to hearin more from you. Keep Rockin! PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU!
Posted on: 06-03-2008
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kitchener, ON, CANADA
it`s funny to say this music takes me back but there just isn`t enough of it anymore. we`ve all been carmelized thanks for getting rid of the caramel and keep rockin out these great tunes.
Posted on: 05-24-2008
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Las Vegas, NV
I love the sound and hope to hear more! Your newest fan, Jams
Posted on: 05-21-2008
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That's great!
Posted on: 05-16-2008
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hi james.i love your music. hope to hawe the new cd wery soon.check my site at my corpion im singing sume songs of the scorpions hope you like it.. keep rocking. friend thomas
Posted on: 05-08-2008
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battle creek mi
That is awesome that you have Mr. Sheenhan, to come join you on your cd.. Congratz..
Posted on: 05-05-2008
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