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Lakes region NH
your voice is totally hot, just like your bod
Posted on: 05-14-2009
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Leslie Thomas
HI music is fabulous!! Cheers to continued success! xo
Posted on: 05-13-2009
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Sthela Franco
Great musics James!!! Big hug =)
Posted on: 05-10-2009
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the legendary big jim
hudson n.y. 12534
cool! glad to see you are working with billy. love the site! stay in touch big jim.
Posted on: 05-08-2009
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Yreka, CA
hey! still waiting for the cd! still lovin' your music!!
Posted on: 05-03-2009
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Orangevale, California
Gotta say James this is totally great site... Love it to death and of course all of your photo's and things .. A big Thank You for all you do!! Keep in touch!! Sherry
Posted on: 05-01-2009
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Atlanta, GA
Great site, great music and a great Musican ! Got to love the USA Deans! Your right about the Hardcore Marshall man. 35 yrs and still using them and always will. Going for the third stack now! Where will it end?
Posted on: 04-26-2009
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Janet Freeman
Antioch, CA
I love your music what a artist you are. Keep on rockin and lovin........peace Janet
Posted on: 04-23-2009
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Sharon Hughes
Cleveland Tennessee
Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
Posted on: 04-23-2009
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Schmidty's Bar
Evart, Michigan
We added a Dean Guitar banner to our myspace page. Dirty Johnson of Graveyard Tan plays Dean Guitars. It's a small world. Dave the webguy
Posted on: 04-18-2009
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West Palm Beach, Fl.
Thanx for the reply James; & getting me here. I look forward to the release of your CD. Keep us ROCKIN!!
Posted on: 04-16-2009
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Tampa, FL
Thanks for sharing you music with "me" James, have a great day! Hugz, Ginger
Posted on: 04-14-2009
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ny ny
hailz james.. nice site ..congrats .. best luck. .hope we can jam one day too .. maybe you want some flute on a tune? jazz/metal grtz ..rhscheryl nyc
Posted on: 04-10-2009
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mojave, california
U have a BITCHIN voice.
Posted on: 04-01-2009
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Hello JAMES, Good music, I like. Kiss to you Danielle
Posted on: 03-31-2009
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East Aurora
Hey, This is so awesome. I wanna say that James is one of my favorite guitarist's ever.
Posted on: 03-29-2009
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Asheville, NC (great music scene!)
Nice to hear some in your face rock and roll! Thanks!
Posted on: 03-17-2009
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Can't wait to get your cd!!
Posted on: 03-13-2009
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Dallas, TX
I've got to get this CD your music makes me feel like I'm in heaven no kidding!
Posted on: 03-13-2009
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Debora Beaulieu
Amaranrh Manitoba Canada
happy birthday to my Number one son in BC
Posted on: 03-13-2009
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