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Tom (Wahya)
Fayetteville, Ohio
Let me be the first to rawk the planet with your cd when it is done! From what I have heard, it will be killer. Happy Holidays. Tom
Posted on: 12-17-2009
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Pacific Northwest
James, you ROCK!!! I especially like your Christmas Jam!! Awesome!!
Posted on: 12-17-2009
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MetalGoddess4eve r
Charleston, WV
Talented-amazing -precise-gifted. And Good Stuff m/
Posted on: 12-17-2009
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johnny bug
Adelanto, California
Love your truly magical music! What about a concert up here in the high desert? If you like we have a private canyon for filming videos,etc. in Apple Valley!
Posted on: 12-17-2009
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Jamestown, NY
Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for sending me the info for getting your Christmas post card. Have a Happy New Year!
Posted on: 12-17-2009
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Erie, Pa
Hi James, you totally Rock. Loving the look of your Christmas Card this year, did not get one last year so I am really Psyched about this one. Love, Peace & Rock 'N Roll. Hugs & Kisses
Posted on: 12-17-2009
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Jennifer Kohlmeyer
Albuquerque NM
Hi James I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!
Posted on: 12-17-2009
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Carla Aldridge
Kalispell Montana
James,you can rock my world any time.I love your tunes,Thanks for the turn on,And I truly would love a cd.You are so farout in my book.Love ya Carla xoxoxoxo
Posted on: 12-08-2009
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Joshua Kovatch
Williams Lake, British Columbia
James my man! Are you mailing out Christmas postcard again this year? Thanks for your card last year!
Posted on: 12-07-2009
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Thunder Bay, Ontario
Thanks James for sending me this site. You are awesome as always. Dawn xx
Posted on: 12-03-2009
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Sending special love and hugs to you from the UK XX
Posted on: 11-30-2009
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Clermont, FL
Can't wait for the tour hope you come to Orlando Florida.
Posted on: 11-24-2009
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Audrey Winn (RedLefty69)
Mesquite, Texas
James you Rock!!!!!! You always know how to Brighten a ladies day!!!!!!
Posted on: 11-08-2009
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jackie wilmoth
Just wanted to say thank you for all the nice comments on Myspace, and for the Birthday wish. Thanks a lot! Blessed BE James. Jackie
Posted on: 11-07-2009
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Galesburg, Ill
Hi James. It's been a while since we have touched base. Thanks for the Halloween Wishes...Jet is a riot! I can see his fear (in the paws)lol. Anyway, just stopped by and saw the Christmas Jam free download! Thanks for that! I love it! Have a great weekend. Peace~Rock on. J~
Posted on: 11-06-2009
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cressona pa.
ty for adding me .
Posted on: 10-17-2009
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Brewerton, NY
Thanks for the birthday greeting.Keep on rockin!!!!!!
Posted on: 10-02-2009
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I am happy to join your list. I like his voice and sound. Very good. Thanks! See you later
Posted on: 09-15-2009
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Somerset PA
Your music is Awesome!!!!! Loved it and cant wait for your CD to be released.
Posted on: 09-13-2009
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James Steele
Gilbert, Arizona
Just had to say hi,Not really into ROCK music,but you do sound good. My first concert was WOODSTOCK 1969. So you know I am a little older than you. GOD BLESS AND GREAT LIFE.
Posted on: 09-07-2009
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