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Lfayette, Ind
Happy holidays
Posted on: 12-14-2010
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Hey James, y're a great great musician and a great man for all. I'm a fan of your works and for the artist than y are. It's a real pleasure to write here for you!!!
Posted on: 12-13-2010
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Lola Ladner
Waynesboro Ms 39367
I love all your stuff i agree you rock Smiley
Posted on: 12-09-2010
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Sacramento, CA
Hey James, Thank you for the invite to join your email list. (oct 09) I finally did it! Smiley apologize for delay! Smiley
Posted on: 11-12-2010
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sonia pacheco
marion, ma
hey sexy..YOU ROCK!!
Posted on: 11-06-2010
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Teddie Tomaselli
San Diego
You are very talented! I enjoy listening to your voice.
Posted on: 10-19-2010
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You don't have a share button;I will add your music to my Site;I just don't know how to. You ROCK by the wayWink Keep up the Excellent ArtworkWink Wkd_Angel aka Phoenix_Rizing
Posted on: 09-15-2010
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Donna Perrelli
Hi James Smiley stopped by today..wanted to hear my favourite song..
Posted on: 06-11-2010
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No one rocks harder than you!
Posted on: 05-05-2010
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eric bureau
Ontario, Canada
Thanks for sending me this invite to yourweb page!! Keep in touch =) sorry it took me so long to reply, as I've been budy , have a good weekend!!
Posted on: 03-25-2010
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South Bend Indiana
love your voice and how you make that gitar crye. your music is sooooo suthing...i just loose time..i get so relaxed......kee p on making beautiful music to my Ilona
Posted on: 03-22-2010
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Just a quick note to say Hi! Hope all is running smooth. Joey and I can't wait to buy the CD...Hope all is well and Keep Rockin...You are the best! Bless Debby and Joey!
Posted on: 03-01-2010
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Andrea Michele
Washington State
Hi James, thanks for sharing your website. Totally awesome! Have a good 2010! Smiley
Posted on: 02-13-2010
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just thought i'd let you know i found your guestbook - great page by the way
Posted on: 02-04-2010
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Lone Wolf James
Hey James, great sound! Glad we hooked up on myspace. When your in the Boston area look me up..maybe we could do a show together. Check me out at - www.lonewolfjame - All the best! -LWJ
Posted on: 02-03-2010
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Debby Quinto
Palm Coast, Florida
I have been a fan of James since..I think he started his my-space s music rocks..will continue to rock and he will be very famous...God bless and my husband and I love your music...
Posted on: 02-02-2010
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Debby Quinto
Palm Coast, Florida
My husband and I have been a fan since you started James...Good Luck and God Bless...Keep Rockin!
Posted on: 01-28-2010
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Andrea (Porscha66)
Kingston Ont
Hey james thought id send you a message on here as well. Thanks so much for keeping in touch and for the card. You are a true genuine and talented individual who adores your fans. Happy New Year my friend, Best of the best in 2010! m/ *cheers* @j-<-<--- LHR
Posted on: 01-14-2010
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platinumroses-mi sty
tampa florida
I can not say in words how great your talent is! Truly amazing!! x0
Posted on: 01-08-2010
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Athens, GA
Cool. My wife has been a fan for awhile. I just got around to listening. Great sound. Thanks for the card. Hope this year brings you much success and many blessings - Dan
Posted on: 01-01-2010
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