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Salt Lake City
This is cool, see you later!
Posted on: 04-06-2011
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joanna mcdonald
great work on your music.Thank you for sharing your music and being a good friend Wink Cheesy
rock on
Posted on: 04-06-2011
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Scott Higby
San Diego
Smiley You rock!
James: You got it! How 'bout tomorrow? I'll email ya! Smiley Being two divorced men, you and I could afford maybe McDonalds if we go dutch, right? Smiley
Posted on: 04-06-2011
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Gene Posik
Testing pe all is well with ya bro..keep up the great work in all you do!! Super
Posted on: 04-06-2011
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st. petersburg, fl
had to test your improved guest book...Keep On Rockin' Toast Super
Posted on: 04-06-2011
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British Columbia
Hi James! Just joined you in here, as well. Hopefully, you are happy with your haircut today. Looks good! You rock! Smiley
Posted on: 03-03-2011
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Tampa, Fl
You got to come to tampa James and do a concert here that would be awesome smiles have a great day and great week as well.. see ya on facebook and myspace
Posted on: 02-28-2011
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Jeff Varty
Calgary Alberta
Hey James ,great site! keep the tunes comin im rockin em all, oh yeah!!
Posted on: 02-12-2011
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Thanks a lot for the x-mas card Just got it today, to late but what the heck I loved it Smiley Happy New Year James! Love Thetania
Posted on: 01-05-2011
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Heidi Policaro-Kenney
Hi, James you look Amazing, have a great holiday, Tour in Florida.
Posted on: 12-20-2010
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Los Angeles
Dude, your hair has gotten so long!!! I will not be attending NAMM this year, so it looks like once again we will miss each other. Uli is doing a show in San Diego in Jan. I think I will be there. I look forward to meeting you in person someday!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!!!
Posted on: 12-18-2010
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Michael Anderson
jacksonville, FL
Hi James, I really admire your work. The American Dream is not easy to achieve, but achievable it is. I, like yourself, have found this to be a long and exhausting journey, but we are finally getting there my friend!
Posted on: 12-17-2010
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Susan Moran
James, I really enjoy your music and I enjoy listening to Christmas Jam, it's my favorite of your Christmas songs. Later, Susan
Posted on: 12-17-2010
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Loves Park IL.
Rock on Bro
Posted on: 12-17-2010
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Emmendingen, Germany
THANK YOU for your fantastic music, James - and THANK YOU for being such a good space friend. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR. Love - Hilde
Posted on: 12-17-2010
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Huntington Beach, CA
Hi James, just wanted to wish you happy holidays!! Keep rockin' dude!!
Posted on: 12-17-2010
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Lfayette, Ind
Happy holidays
Posted on: 12-14-2010
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Hey James, y're a great great musician and a great man for all. I'm a fan of your works and for the artist than y are. It's a real pleasure to write here for you!!!
Posted on: 12-13-2010
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Lola Ladner
Waynesboro Ms 39367
I love all your stuff i agree you rock Smiley
Posted on: 12-09-2010
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Sacramento, CA
Hey James, Thank you for the invite to join your email list. (oct 09) I finally did it! Smiley apologize for delay! Smiley
Posted on: 11-12-2010
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