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Ann Hamilton
Stillwater, ME
Hi James. Hope all is well with you. I'm looking forward to your Christmas postcard again this year. It's very thoughtful of you. Thank you. Keep rockin'! Cool I also hope you and your band have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! Cheesy
Posted on: 12-07-2017
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Rocky DeMarco
Los Angeles CA
Hey it’s YOUR number one fan here m/ Smiley Just checking out your webpage

Miss ya
Keep Rockin
Rocky DeMarco
James: And YOUR number one fan HERE!
Posted on: 10-29-2017
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Rose Serpent Tanner
Bay City MI 48706
Just stopping by to say hello and to listen to some of your jams! Toast
James: Cool!!! Glad you stopped by! Smiley
Posted on: 10-17-2017
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James: Hi! Smiley
Posted on: 10-13-2017
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Madeira Beach, FL
Just stopping by to say Hi! Can't wait to see your new haircut.
Posted on: 06-03-2017
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arctic circle
Listen to your stream good stuff good guitar playing and proud of your vocals. Download your album when it comes out. Who is this talking to you? Pete from Mesa College. I'm still song writing and doing it myself. It's not heavy metal or Rock though hahaha. Wink Wink Super
Posted on: 02-12-2017
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San Diego, Ca
I can't wait to hear your new CD that will be coming out. All Original music with 3 very talented musicians from San Diego with yourself Lead vocals and guitars, Tracy TRIPP on Drums and Andy Nossal on the Bass.Looking forward to listen to your CD.
Posted on: 02-04-2017
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Jackie Herrera
Elkhart, Indiana
Hey James,
Just poppin by to wish you Happy Holidays.
Much Luv,
Jackie Smiley
James: Awww THANK YOU!! Merry Christmas!!
Posted on: 12-11-2016
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Dave Blaney
Hope you Have Happy Holidays & Happy New Year.Enjoy your music keep it up! Looking forward to the Christmas card!
James: Thanks so much, Dave! I emailed you the link to signup for the Christmas postcard. Check your email. I also send you a friend request on FB! Smiley
Posted on: 12-08-2016
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Your music Rocks! I love it! James Steele you the Man! Super
James: Thank you so much!!!
Posted on: 10-10-2016
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Speaking of Nigel, my Fav. TV show. Better Call Saul.

Great vid, awesome tune as usual James!

James: Hahaha.... thank you so much Diana
Posted on: 06-27-2016
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Mark E. Metal
Santee/Lakeside Ca.
I'm a guitarist from Chicago and you are the most exciting thing that I have come across since I have been here. Way to Rock & keep the faith! Super
James: Thanks so much, Mark. I really appreciate it.
Posted on: 03-07-2016
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Buena Park, CA
Such awesome music; lyrics, talented musicians, great tunes! Will be waiting to purchase your CD! Rock On!! Have you been compared to Bowie or Steve Perry/Journey - every bit as superb!! Looking forward to following you!
James: Thanks so much, Beverly!! Glad to have met you! Smiley
Posted on: 02-12-2016
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Sherrell Ferguson
Louisville ky
Wishing you and yours a safe and blessed New Year. Love your music!
James: Thanks! Happy New Year!!! Smiley
Posted on: 12-31-2015
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Merry Christmas James! Have a "ROCKIN'" New Year!
Posted on: 12-13-2015
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Jeri Gordond
Hi James have the best Christmas an Bring in the New Year with rockin. Iv been your fan since MySpace lmao.. Cheers mate
James: Thanks Jeri! Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!
Posted on: 12-11-2015
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Puyallup wa
Merry Christmas James Steele I hope you have a rocking new year and more rocking years to come can't wait to see you perform live love always your friend Amber litle Tongue Super Toast
James: Merry Christmas to you too! Smiley
Posted on: 12-11-2015
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Charlene Vincent
Binghamton, NY
James ~ you are the best and the RiotGurl ADORES you baby ~ Merry Christmas Wink
James: Awww thanks!! Merry Christmas! Smiley
Posted on: 12-10-2015
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Dana Clay
Lake City, MI
Thank you my friend for sharing your cards again this year. Always look forward to seeing what you're planning. Cheesy Thank you also for sharing the gift of your talent. It's amazing, and comes from an amazing soul. Thank you for your friendship, and surprises! Blessings to you and yours!
James: Thanks so much for the kind words, Dana! Smiley Merry Christmas! Smiley
Posted on: 12-09-2015
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Patti Susanen
Just signed up for my Christmas card. Can't wait to see what silly cool thing you did this year lol.....Thank you James, I know it takes a lot of time and money to send out all the cards and I just want you to know how much I appeciate and love every one!!! Merry Christmas Toast
James: You're welcome! I think this year's is the best one yet! Smiley
Posted on: 12-08-2015
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