Hi. I'm James Steele. I'm a songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist endorsed by Dean Guitars. I have a strong presence on social media with over 49,000 friends at MySpace and over 5,200 "likes" on my Facebook musician page. I'm finishing up a CD that includes guest performances by Brad Gillis of Night Ranger and Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big. A couple of the songs (including the one featuring Brad Gillis, have been released on iTunes and received solid 5-star ratings and excellent reviews. You can read my Bio on this site.

The drums on the recordings were performed by my friend and excellent Los Angeles area drummer, Jim Watson, whose schedule unfortunately doesn't allow him to be part of the live project. Fortunately, Tracy Tripp, also a longtime friend who I played with many years ago in American Steel and currently plays in RATTZ, is onboard and we've begun rehearsals. We will add another guitarst, but for now we're focusing on finding a bass player who is a good fit. We will be performing orginal songs, some of which you can hear in the Music section of this website.

What we're looking for:

  • Experience and advanced skill level. Check out the song "Good Day To Die" which is probably the most challenging for bass, as the bass doubles the guitar in the main riff.
  • Good backing vocals
  • Professional gear
  • Availability for rehearsal twice per week (to start with) in San Diego area.

We have solid contacts and resources in the music and professional video industries. Many cool things to happen as soon as this project is ready to go! Email and tell us about yourself. Please include links to any Facebook, MySpace, or band websites or other links to music you've played on. Photos would be helpful too. For now we prefer to communicate via email rather than phone. We will follow up individually about auditions. ALL INQUIRIES ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

ABOUT COMPENSATION: This is an original project. As such, to start with pay may not be that much, however there will be a minimum guarantee. I don't expect musicians to play for free, so I'm willing to cover a certain minimum per gig pay at first. Please describe what you need to make it worthwhile. As more lucrative jobs and other income streams come online it will be increased.

Tracy and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!

James Steele

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